May 23, 2005

The Elusive Nancy Carter

It's a wonder I get any work done at all. The following is a good example of my purpose for creating this blog in the first place--a depository for some of my unplanned meanderings.

I had several recipe leaflets that I was ready to enter into my database. A simple 10-minute task. They were published weekly during the late 1950's for the shoppers at Colonial Stores. The leaflets all list Nancy Carter as the Director of Home Economics for that grocery store chain. Some of the recipes use the CS, Colonial and Triangle brand ingredients.

(Apologies for the less-than-optimum photo--my scanner has died, and now, apparently, so have my camera batteries.)

At the last minute, I decided to find out how many different folders there were in the series and what years they encompassed.

I quickly found one brief online reference to a book, Nancy Carter's Cook Book of Tested Recipes that was published in 1955, but that was all.

I couldn't find any more leads on the recipe leaflets, but I did find out more about the Colonial Stores chain at Groceteria, an interesting site about supermarket history and architecture. A place I probably never would have encountered out there in cyberspace if I weren't trying to track down the elusive Nancy.

I put her aside for the moment and spent quite a while perusing that site which has some great historical information and photos. I know, I know--I'm supposed to be focusing on the products inside the stores, not the architecture of the buildings. But I rationalized to myself that the store histories are not too far off my topic and actually quite necessary in my pursuit of the facts.

Then my brain wandered back to the Weingarten's chain in Houston that we shopped at when I was a kid. I wondered if the developers had plowed down all of their old buildings yet in the name of progress. So I had to go check that out over at the Houston Architecture Forum.

That led to thinking about a blog entry and that I had better dash off a quick draft before I lost THAT thought.

So here I am.

I still don't know anything more about the leaflets and I'm embarrassed to admit how much time has passed. A lot more than 10 minutes.


At 10:40 PM CDT, Blogger sweetpea said...

Kathy, are you still searching for 'the elusive Nancy Carter' ? Nancy Carter was a 'stage name' that was created by my great aunt - as she was the Director of Home Economics for Colonial Stores. Her picture appears on many of the pamplets that I've seen, and she also appeared on the television cooking program 'Nancy Carter's Cookbook'. I was just looking through her scrapbook, and searching again for any information of her on the web, this is the first I've found. She also created recipes for Coke, and took photo shoots of the creations right in her home. She was also selected to represent USA at the International World Trade Fair in 1957 for Supermarket USA in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. I don't know how many folders were in the series, but know I have a stack of them packed away somewhere, and will try to find them now. Hope you find this response, as it has been so long since you posted.

At 6:45 AM CDT, Blogger Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing the information on your great aunt and Nancy Carter!

At 7:21 AM CDT, Blogger Sadie Bell's Books said...

I just found a copy of Nancy Carter's Tested Recipes Cookbook, so I too, am looking for information on her. Have not looked closely at the cookbook yet - but it is well-worn and crammed full of recipes - the kind of cookbook I love.


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