May 19, 2005

Get R Done

For quite some time I've wanted to expand on some of the things I think about while I'm working on Advertising Cookbooks, my business website.

A goodly amount of my time on that project is spent cataloging the recipe books. Each book that I handle brings forth a new question or triggers an associated thought or idea that I want to explore.

My mind wanders from things like "why was this vile product invented in the first place?" to "nice graphics" to "I'm going to try this recipe for dinner tonight--better make a list of ingredients to buy".

Some of my ideas and the directions I want to go in aren't really appropriate for that site and after trying several workarounds, it became obvious that I would need to create an entirely separate website.

I've set up several websites in the past, both for myself and for others, and learned lots of valuable lessons along the way. Some of my friends and relatives, who haven't a clue about the details of how stuff actually gets ON the internet, think I'm an internet whiz.

But I know better.

For instance, I realized that it would take me forever to set up a good online bookstore on my own, so Chrislands was the perfect answer for me. And while there are numerous instant-website choices available, I want to do this next one, more sophisticated than others I've done in the past, on my own.

My web development skills aren't quite as developed as I'd like them to be, so while I struggle with the learning curve I thought I'd take the easy way out by starting a blog first.

I've got to start SOMETHING, perfect or not, today. And so I have.


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