May 24, 2005

Menu Merry-Go-Round

Not all promotional recipes were published in a booklet or leaflet format.

Many food companies issued recipe card sets for products such as Bisquick, Minute Rice and Gold Medal Flour. Pillsbury and Crisco, among others, published several full-size hardcover books.

One nice example of a non-booklet was the Bond Bread Menu Merry-Go-Round. It's not dated, but on one side the consumer is urged to ask their grocer for the new 72 page Bond Bread Cook Book which was published in 1935. The illustration on the front side showing a family at the dinner table is definitely 1930's.

The cardboard wheel measures 10-1/4 inches in diameter, and consists of two pieces held together by a center brad. The rear side gives several reasons why one should use the Bond Bakers products, and illustrations of the Bread Krums, Cracked Wheat Bread, Wheat Bread and Rye Bread are shown. The green and red colors of the Bond product packaging are used.

The front side is a wheel that spins around, showing Bond dinner menus for each day of the week. One recipe using a Bond product is given for each day. The wheel spins around, showing one day at a time with cutouts to show the day, the menu and the recipe.

The seven recipes are:

  • Sunday - Chocolate Puff
  • Monday - Mexican Salad
  • Tuesday - Bond Patty Cases
  • Wednesday - Apricot Betty
  • Thursday - Kidney Bean Roast
  • Friday - Quick Puree of Pea Soup
  • Saturday - Stuffed Spareribs


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