May 29, 2005

Turbinado Sugar Recipe Offer

We started using turbinado sugar instead of refined sugar in our coffee, oatmeal and other cereals last year when we were on the Weight Watchers program. The motivating factor was that we could save one point per teaspoon by using the turbinado sugar. We strayed from Weight Watchers but kept on buying and using the turbinado sugar.

We don't monkey around with the sweet iced tea in this household, and we personally find the turbinado sugar a little too strong in flavor for that purpose, but we incorporate it into a lot of other recipes where the light molasses flavor won't make much of a difference in taste. It's easy to remember that you can replace white sugar in recipes with equal amounts of turbinado sugar.

The 2 lb. bulk package of Sugar in the Raw has a special offer on the side of the box for the Sugar in the Raw Recipe Collections. It says that the collection is a series of recipes developed by Claudia Fleming, celebrated pastry chef of the Grammercy Tavern Restaurant in New York City. The recipes include desserts, cakes, cookies, meat glazes and more, plus 26 Ways to Get Back to Nature with Sugar in the Raw.
Their website doesn't mention the recipe offer, nor does the mail-in form state that it's specifically necessary to get the recipes. I've sent an email to them, and will update this post when I find out for sure.

In the meantime, here's the information on the form:

Send $2.25 by check or money order (includes postage and handling) along with your name and address (printed clearly) to:

Sugar in the Raw Recipes
Brooklyn Premium Corp.
60 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11205

Allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery.

I'm sending off for it on Tuesday. I'll give a review when it arrives.

6/2/05 Update: An email received from a representative of the company states that "the form from the box is not necessary to order the recipe book but you should include a note and mention the item and quantity you desire."


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