June 20, 2005

Story of Swans Down Cake Flour

Excerpt from New Cake Secrets, an advertising cookbook published in 1931 by Igleheart Brothers, Inc. and General Foods:

"In 1853, Levi Igleheart, at the age of thirty-three, finding farming to be discouraging, moved to the then little town of Evansville, Indiana, on the Ohio River and Erie Canal, and started a sawmill. He later took on the grinding of wheat grist. With this new enterprise, he was so successful that in 1856, his brothers, Asa and William (the latter leaving the farm and moving to town), established the firm of Igleheart Brothers, Millers. The business was run by Levi and William, while Asa followed the legal profession, later withdrawing from the firm. In 1892, the firm was incorporated, and William died soon after, leaving Levis and his three sons, Leslie, Addison, and John, to run the business. In 1896, Addison Igleheart found a means of making flour which was of superior quality for cake making, and, after experimenting and perfecting it, he began the manufacture and sale of this new product, called Swans Down Cake Flour.

Leslie, Addison, and John each have one son to whom they are gradually turning over the cares and joys of Swans Down Cake Flour.

The business has grown from year to year and the capacity has been increased from a small mill on the Canal in 1853 to a fine, modern plant of latest type structure. Every care and precaution is taken to put out a superior product under the most sanitary conditions."


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I have the book NEW CAKE secrets.SIGNED OCT.10-1932 -REID


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