August 26, 2005

Cake Decorating and Marshmallows

I do get sidetracked--I was going to do a post earlier this week about the Wilton 1978 Yearbook. Then it evolved into several pages about the Wilton Cake Decorating books on one of my other websites. While I never even started that original post, you can see a list of the cakes and pans used in that issue over there.

Stapled inside the cover of one of the copies of that book is a little advertising sheet called "Kraft Marshmallow Magic." I guess the previous owner attached it to the cover because it has a cake decorating idea on it.

That idea is a Flower Garden Cake, where you ice a sheet cake with 7-Minute Frosting, cover it with green tinted coconut, and cut flowers out of the flavored mini-marshmallows, so that it looks like a field of spring flowers.

Another idea is Panorama Easter Egg where a mixture of puffed rice cereal mixed with Parkay and melted miniature marshmallows are molded around a greased 1-pint jar. (Sounds like a generic version of Rice Krispie Treats to me.) Bunnies made from marshmallows, more green tinted coconut, and Kraft Marshmallow Creme decorate the inside of the egg.

Then there are Little Ladies, paper doll tops stuck into bases (skirts) made of the same cereal mixture as above with the skirts decorated with little cut petals of the Flavored Miniature Marshmallows.

Simple ideas from 25 years ago before there was a different pan for everything.

I'd post a picture, but my scanner's broken. I really need to get that taken care of this weekend.


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