August 08, 2005

Farewell to Peter

Goodbye, Peter Jennings. I will miss you and your presence in my household, even if it was only through the medium of television.

You already left my living room, of course, sometime last April. Not hearing the sound of your calm, steady voice reporting the news of the world has left a void the last four months, much like the one that was left when Johnny Carson quit lulling me to sleep at night so many years ago.

I'll leave the television on today, one last chance to hear and experience your comforting presence in my little world, over and over again for one last day, as the media does what it does best. For once, I'm glad of their mind-numbing, endless repetition of reporting the same story over and over again.

You were a class act. God Bless.

I'm down to Imus and Barbara now. You guys be sure and eat your Wheaties every morning, you hear?


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