September 12, 2005

1949 Woman's Home Companion Recipe Offers

A while back I was the lucky recipient of a stack of vintage Woman's Home Companion magazines, most of them dated in the 1940's. One thing that hasn't changed over the years are the number of brand name food advertisements in each issue.

Occasionally the food ads contain mail-in offers for recipe booklets. The magazine advertisements are a good way to date the booklets and leaflets that don't show a publishing date.

The sixteen mail-in offers found in the June 1949 issue of Woman's Home Companion are:

  • Armour and Company - For additional recipes for Pantry-Shelf Meals, write Marie Gifford. A freebie!
  • National Association of Ice Industries - Mail a postcard today for your free copy of "Money-saving Tips on Marketing" -- a 24-page guide to buing vegetables, poultry and fish.
  • Crisco - New! Bigger! Better! Crisco Cook Book. Just out, gives you 161 exciting new recipes, lots of full-color picture pages. Send 25 cents in coin and a Crisco label, any size, for New Recipes for Good Eating.
  • French's - Free! New Recipe Book "Dining Delights." Send name and address.
  • Ten-B-Low - Free 20 delicious recipes, including many unusual and easy-to-make desserts. Just write Sally Ross.
  • Wesson Oil - Recipes? Yes, 218 for you in "How to Win Compliments," grand 100-page cookbook. Many color photos. Send name, address, and 25 cents in coin.
  • Swift'ning - Send 75 cents for set of two Heart-Shaped aluminum Layer Cake Pans , and folder of Special Occasion Cake Recipes. Also send paper disc from inside a can of Swift'ning or red portion of unwinding band.
  • Star-Kist Tuna - Mail coupon for a 24-page booklet filled with exciting, kitchen-tested tuna recipes. Illustrated in color. (Booklet has a ship on the front cover named Star-Kist and the word "Tuna" in large letters.)
  • Pillsbury - Get valuable articles at real savings Pillsbury Coupon plan. Extra-value coupon with each Pillsbury package. Write for free Premium bBooklet to Pillsbury, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Kraft - For more ideas on glorious cheese tray assortments for all occasions write for your free copy of "And then--he Cheese Tray."
  • Wear-Ever - Send for the free Wear-Ever folder on "Secrets of Making Better Coffee." It includes recipes featuring delicious coffee-flavor treats. Write Margaret Mitchell, Director of Wear-Ever Test Kitchens.
  • Kerr - Get free 24-page booklet, "Let's Eat Home Canned Foods," and 100 free jar labels. Valuabkle information on modern canning methods, time tables, many new recipes.
  • American Meat Institute - Illustrated booklet, showing six "thrifty use" ideas, yours for 5 cents in coin.
  • Swan's Down - Send name and address for Swans Down's new "Guessing-Gone" recipe folder--things you've always wanted to know for perfect cakemaking!
  • Karo - Send for this new book Free! Just send for the Karo booklet, "Finer Canned and Frozen Fruits". Send a postcard with your name and address.
  • Lea & Perrins - Free! Recipe Book. Write Lea & Perrins.


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