September 09, 2005

Borden Circus Spectacular

In 1976 Borden produced a promotional recipe booklet that featured a circus party theme. It was a 16-page paper booklet called Circus Spectacular.

What draws me to it is that the color photos illustrating the completed recipes and the clown page decorations look so festive and partyish. The finished dishes are complemented by a proliferation of circus figurines--elephants, circus coaches and clowns nestled on the table in amongst the serving pieces.

There are budget-pleasing recipes for snacks, treats for kids, family fixin's, sandwiches and desserts--about 28 recipes in all.

Also included are a page of tips to "Make Your Circus Party Spectacular" and a page of circus facts. A condensed version of the party tips follows:

  • Create a circus mood with balloons, paper streamers and clown hats;

  • Every child wants a circus treat to take home, so fill a colored bag with boxes of Cracker Jacks and animal crackers, as well as some of the treats listed in the recipe section;

  • Fun-time Food Tricks the Children can do, such as make their own soda fountain treats, Create-a-Circus-Clown ice cream cones; and Clown Salads; and

  • Hostess Helps - the use of Borden brand convenience foods.

I haven't seen too many of these booklets around. It may have been a mail-in offer as the copy I have is creased lengthwise as if to fit in a mailing envelope.

Something available today for busy moms and other party-givers that wasn't around in 1976 is the ability to order party supplies online. It's possible to find all the necessary supplies to fit your party theme without ever leaving home! No sitting in traffic? I'm all for that!

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