September 11, 2005

Die-Cut Promotional Cookbooks

Die-cut advertising cookbooks are a fun sub-category of promotional cookbooks to watch for. These are booklets and leaflets that are in the shape of something other than the standard sqaure or rectangular-shaped book; sometimes they're in the shape of the product that they're promoting.

These booklets were more expensive to publish, hence they're usually more scarce than other types of promotional recipe booklets.

Some examples of die-cut booklets are:

The White House Cereals Recipe Book, undated, by Standard Rice is in the shape of a cereal box.

The Mazola Salad Bowl, 1939, by the Corn Products Refining Company has the bottom half of the booklet cut out around the shape of a wooden salad bowl.

The Frito Kid's Party Ideas for Kiddies, 1954, by The Frito Co. has the top edge of the booklet cut out around the shape of the Frito Kid's cowboy hat.


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