September 01, 2005

McCall's Service Booklets

For those of you who collect McCall's recipes and booklets, here's a list of the McCall's Service Booklets available in 1923. The booklets were available by sending your address and postage (usually 10 cents) to McCall's Magazine in New York City.

Not all were cooking related--some of them pertain to managing a household, gardening and parenting.

Spending the Family Income - Why true economy means living by a plan--what a plan of expenditure includes.

A Group of Little Homes. Suggestions for the interior decoration of each room of the small house. Approved by Ruby Ross Goodnow.

The Modern Home: How to Equip It with Mechanicl Servants and Manage it Wisely. by Lillian Purdy Goldsborough. Labor-saving devices and methods in a servantless home.

Down the Garden Path. by Dorothy Giles of the Garden Club of America. Directions for flower and vegetable gardening.

Some Reasons Why in Cookery. by May B. Van Arsdale, Day Monroe and Mary I. Barber. Recipes, based on scientific research, for delicious dishes.

Time-Saving Cookery. Prepared by The House of Sarah Field Splint. Menus and recipes indicating how package and canned foods spare the home-cook time and work.

Master-Recipes. by F. G. O. A new time-saving method in cookery. Ten recipes given in each of 15 master recipes.

What to Serve at Parties. Compiled by Lilian M. Gunn, Department of Foods and Cookery, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Parties All the Year. One for every month. by Claudia M. Fitzgerald. Suggestions for rhymed invitations, games, contests, stunts, costumes, prizes, refreshments.

More Parties. by Claudia M. Fitzgerald. Like the above.

Entertaining Without a Maid. by Edna Sibley Tipton. Correct table service for parties or for the family's meals.

The Little Book of Good Looks. A common sense guide to personal loveliness. The methods of New York's most famous beauty parlors, combined with the advice of a noted dermatologist.

The Bride's Own Book. Suggestions for formal and informal weddings in the church and the home.

A Book of Manners. The etiquette of introductions, calls, invitations, gifts, manners at table and in public places, mourning, correspondence, children's manners.

The Friendly Mother: A Book of Prenatal Mothercraft. by Helen Johnson Keyes.

The Friendly Child. by Helen Johnson Keyes. Feeding schedules and other good advice for the child from babyhood to eleven years.


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