September 24, 2005

Minute Tapioca Contest Recipe Booklet

When most cooks think of tapioca, a starch that's extracted from the roots of the cassava plant, they think of pudding. However, tapioca is also used for thickening, as a meat extender and as a binding agent.

From Soup to Dessert with Minute Tapioca, (32 pages, 1928) contains revisions and additions to the previous Minute Tapioca Cook Book which was published in 1923.

This revised edition contains 78 recipes from a world-wide contest in which 121,619 housewives from both home and abroad participated. The recipes were judged by Miss Mabel Jewett Crosby, Miss Katherine A. Fisher and Mrs. Elizabeth A. MacDonald, and were tested and retested in the educational department of The Minute Tapioca Company.

The recipes are used in a variety of desserts, as an ingredient to soups, souffles, omelets and entrees, and one page is devoted to using Minute Tapioca as a healthful addition to the diets of children.

Some of the dessert recipes are Maple Coconut Cream, Chocolate Minute Tapioca, Honey Fruit Minute Tapioca, Pineapple Cake Crumb Pudding, Strawberry Custard Cake and Fig Tapioca.

Using Minute Tapioca as a 'Precision Ingredient,' there are recipes for pies such as Lemon Pie, Golden Surprise and Strawberry Pie (where it's used as a thickener). A few of the soup recipes include Iced Fruit Soup, Salmon Bisque and Tomato Bisque.

An omelet recipe is given that promises smooth, light results if Miute Tapioca is used--it's proclaimed to strengthen the cell walls of the beaten eggs.

Something I though was unusual was the recommended use of Tapioca as an ingredient in sandwich fillings--make your sandwiches ahead of time and still have a moist filling without soggy crusts. Some of the filling recipes are Cheese and Olive, Egg Salad, Meat Salad and Fruit-Nut Filling.

Use Minute Tapioca as a meat extender in recipes for Salmon Croquettes, Celery and Tuna Souffle, Meat Loaf, Chicken Croquettes and more.

The delightful, old-fashioned color illustrations in the booklet are quite attractive.


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