September 08, 2005

Oscar Mayer 6-in-1 Guide

Ellen Edwards, Home Economist for Oscar Mayer in Madison, Wisconsin, developed a series of six promotional recipe booklets that were combined as a set and called the Six-in-One Guide to Good Eating - Sausage Recipes for Every Occasion.

The booklets aren't dated, but they look to be circa 1960's or 70's. The set is contained within a 4" x 9-1/4" blue cardstock-weight envelope. Each stapled booklet has a different color scheme on the cover that is carried through to the interior page decorations (orange, gold, purple, red, turquoise and green).

The titles of the recipe booklets are:

  1. Feeding the Gang

  2. Buffet Suppers

  3. Party Starters

  4. Cookout Fun

  5. Breakfast and Brunch

  6. Pack and Tote Foods
Each booklet consists of eight pages of recipes and tips. Contrary to what the outer folder implies, the recipes use more than sausage products. They also call for the use of Oscar Mayer bacon, ham, weiners and luncheon meats.

I thought these were of note because it's quite possible that the outer envelope was often discarded, leaving the booklets to be more commonly found individually rather than as a set.


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