September 21, 2005

Wilton Candy Making

A lot of information is packed into the 44-page booklet Wilton Candy Making for Beginners (1982).

There is no wasted space in this publication. Easy-to-follow instructions are short and to the point. The text is complemented by color photos that show the candy making techniques as well as the finished products.

If you're not familiar with Wilton candy making, you should know that it involves the use of a product called Wilton Candy Melts. The confections aren't made from scractch--rather you melt the bags of Candy Melts and pour the melted candy into flat rubber molds or the plastic three-dimensional stand-up molds.

What's covered in the booklet:
  • What you need
  • How to melt coating
  • How to mold candy
  • How to paint molds
  • How to dip candy
  • How to make hard candy
  • Basics of decorating
  • Packaging candy for gifts
  • Candies for Christmas
  • Candies for Easter
  • Candies for any occasion
  • Candies for Valentine's Day
  • Candies for Birthdays
  • Making a candy house
  • Decorating a cake with candy
  • Recipes
  • Supplies

The Recipe section contains recipes for Creme Centers, Truffle Mixture, Cherry Cordials, Peanut Butter Filling, Mints, Buttercream Icing and Royal Icing.

The Supplies sections shows a variety of molds: classic shapes, lollipops, holiday shapes, greeting card molds, character molds, stand-up molds and super flex lollipop and mini molds.

The process is laid out so simply that I'm almost inspired to get up from the computer and go into the kitchen to make some candy!


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