October 12, 2005

Betty Crocker Speaks Spanish

Lest we ever forget, the purpose of advertising cookbooks and other brand name cookbooks is to promote the company's product.

Kraft Foods has already jumped on the Hispanic marketing bandwagon with their nearly-duplicate content magazines Food & Family and Comida y Familia . I wrote about Recetas or Recipes? back on May 22.

General Mills, not wanting to miss the boat, has released a new cookbook, Cocina Betty Crocker, also trying to capture the non-English speaking Hispanic market.

The brand's first bilingual cookbook presents 125 recipes in both English and Spanish. "Learn to cook American favorites" is the helpful and friendly advice. "Learn to cook American favorites using General Mills product ingredients" would perhaps be a bit more forthcoming.

Betty says "Soon these recipes will become your family's favorites."

Mac 'n Cheese and Bisquick biscuits replacing tortillas, Menudo and Carne Asada? Somehow I don't see that happening.


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