October 25, 2005

What Was the Brand Name in That Lost Recipe?

I recently had a request from a lady who was searching for a food company promotional booklet that had a recipe for Chicken Cacciatore in it. Her cookbook containing the recipe had been accidentally thrown away.

Although the cover was missing from her cookbook, she was sure that it was the Crisco Praise for the Cook. She was fairly specific about the recipe, recalling that it used one cup of ketchup, and she thought she remembered the red dress on the cover from long ago.

So I searched Praise for the Cook for the recipe. No luck. From other information she had given me, I knew that it was a vintage booklet and not a newer one. So I searched all of the Crisco cookbooks. No luck.

During a telephone conversation I told her that I was unable to find the recipe. She mentions that perhaps it was not Crisco, that it was Heinz. Well, that makes sense. Heinz sells a lot of ketchup.

The first Heinz cookbook for ketchup that I picked up, 57 Prize-Winning Recipes, contained the recipe she was looking for. I spent almost an hour searching for the recipe, and if not for the Heinz hint as an afterthough, I would never have found it.

Oddly enough, today I am mailing out a different Heinz booklet to another customer, For Variety--Cook with Ketchup, and I checked--there the recipe is again. All over the place if you know where to look.


At 5:04 PM CDT, Blogger gern said...

I am too looking for a recipe out of that same cookbook. My Mom used to make these Raisin Chocolate Cookies and we can't seem to find the book or the recipe. IF you could help that would be great..my email is brian@bksinbarrre.com


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