November 20, 2005

The Dot Hog Recipe

I met my current SO at Christmastime. The relationship showed promise right from the beginning--he appeared with several large tins of his mother's homemade candy and cookies. Patience Candy, Caramels individually wrapped in waxed paper, Chocolate Fudge with Pecans, Mexican Wedding Cookies. Yum! All those goodies and I didn't have to make them.

He also raved about something else his mother usually fixed for him every Christmas: Dot Hogs. I didn't know what those were. Never could find a recipe with that name.

The next Christmas, she sent him several large ziplock bags full of Dot Hogs. Hmm, Pigs in a Blanket, or homemade rolls with a hot dog inside. By that time I had known him long enough to learn that he thought it was fun to switch the first letters of words. We still get a good laugh out of me hunting for the Dot Hog recipe.

There are two quick-and-easy Dot Hog recipes in Recipes with Crescents, Biscuits and More, a Pillsbury Classic Cookbook (April 2002, 96 pages). These work well if you're not up to making your Dot Hog dough from scratch.

One recipe is Easy Crescent Dogs, the classic recipe with a hot dog and a slice of cheese wrapped inside a Pillsbury Crescent Roll. The other is Sausage Snack Wraps, the appetizer version, with cocktail-sized smoked link sausages wrapped in the crescent roll dough.

Those two recipes have been around for a long time, so you might have them elsewhere in your recipe collection. There are, however, lots of other recipes in this issue that look pretty tasty and easy to make with the Pillsbury refrigerated dough.

The Table of Contents categories are: Dinner Favorites, Easy Appetizers, Breakfast Bonanza and Desserts & Sweet Treats.

Biscuit Barbecups, Italian Biscuit and Biscuit Bake, Deep Dish Pizza Pie Bundle, Chicken a la Grands, Southwestern Cornbread and Chicken Casserole, Jalapeno Pepper Snackers, Maple Pecan Crescent Twists, Cream Cheese-Raspberry Coffee Cake and Biscuits and Peppered Sausage Gravy are just a few of the recipes found in this issue.

Since I like to make of meal of appetizers and snacky-type foods, I think this one sounds good: Parmesan Pizza Snacks, which are pepperoni and mozzarella cheese cubes wrapped inside the Pillsbury Refrigerated Garlic Breadstick dough and then baked. Dip these in pizza sauce.


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