November 15, 2005

Fresh Rolls From Your Freezer

Does anyone remember those great yeast rolls from their elementary school cafeterias? In 1963, the plate lunch at my school (available for a mere 26 cents) always included one of these rolls. Slightly crusty on top, brushed with a bit of butter, they were fresh, hot and tasty.

As much as I love to eat fresh bread and rolls, I'm not much into actually making them myself. What works for me is Rhodes Bake N Serv frozen bread or roll dough. As far as I'm concerned, the only effort required is remembering to remove them from the freezer ahead of time. These rolls remind me of the ones from the school cafeteria.

To make the rolls, about 3 or 4 hours before serving, I place 9 of the frozen dough balls into an 8x8-inch baking pan and put it on top of the refrigerator or stove. I usually cover with a towel or plastic wrap. They thaw and rise, and then you just pop them in the oven to bake. After they're done, just rub the tops with butter.

They provide great homemade taste for minimal effort and go wonderfully with your regular meals or with your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. They're great plain, just cooked straight out of the bag, but the Rhodes people also have a lot of recipe ideas and tips on how to turn the plain dough into things even better.

Irresistible Recipes (1997, 16 pages) is a booklet with 19 recipes that use Rhodes frozen bread dough, roll dough, and includes one recipe using their frozen cinnamon rolls.

To give you an idea of some of the different things you can do with the frozen dough, a few of the recipes in this booklet are listed below. Three of the recipes in the booklet are winners from the Rhodes Employee Recipe Contest and are marked with an asterisk.

Carrie's Spinach Twist*
Kim's Artichoke Appetizers*
Cheddar-Onion Bundt
Scott's French Toast Bundt*
Onion Rolls
Kolachy Rolls
Southern Bread Pudding
Greek Focaccia
Sally's White Garlic Pizza

The front cover shows Ear-resistable Corn, which is made from the roll dough. This idea would make a nice harvest-type accent for your breadbasket on your Thanksgiving table.

Rhodes has published quite a few other promotional booklets. In the rear of this booklet is a mail-in offer for some other Rhodes promotional recipe items:

1997 set of recipe cards (24 cards)
1996 set of recipe cards (24 cards)
The Campers Kitchen Booklet
Dough Sculpture #1 Booklet

The booklet also has a 50-cent manufacturer’s coupon with no expiration date printed on the last page.

You can to to get on their mailing list and receive their future recipe booklets via snail mail.


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