December 01, 2005

CAI Encyclopedia of Cooking

Inside the front and rear cover of 300 Ways to Serve Eggs (Culinary Arts Institute, 1952, 48 pages) is an advertisement for the Encyclopedia of Cooking - Complete in 24 volumes, which was also published by CAI.

I believe the set that this advertisement is referring to is the binder with the 24 booklets that was issued in 1949. These books were reissues of previously published titles.

According to the ad, "Hundreds of recipes and useful menu suggestions are contained in each book--more than 10,000 in the full series--together with the most magnificent collection of food pictures ever brought together between covers".

This is the list of the 24 volumes as it's shown inside the cover:

No. 1 - SNACKS. One of the most popular cook books in America today. Packed with 500 clever ideas for lunches, suppers, evening snacks, and party refreshments.

No. 2 - LEFTOVERS. 500 interesting recipes and suggestions for ring molds, loaves, sandwiches, stews, shortcakes, and other useful ways to make meals from leftovers.

No. 3 - CAKES. 250 marvelous cake recipes, plus pages of additional information, that take the mystery out of cake baking.

No. 4 - POULTRY AND GAME BIRDS. 250 ways to prepare every kind of fowl--roasted, baked, broiled, stewed, fried, creamed, loaves, casseroles, pies, shortcakes.

No. 5 - PIES AND PASTRIES. A joy to use. Clear directions and illustrations explain every step. 250 superb recipes will help you bake like an expert.

No. 6 - SOUPS. 250 of America's best soup dishes are included in this delightful book, with full instructions.

No. 7 - SALADS. There is magic in salads that makes them irresistible--and the 500 salad sensations in this great book have made it one of the prime favorites of the series.

No. 8 - MEAT. 250 recipes that include every imaginable way to serve meat, with the pertinent information that is essential for best results.

No. 9 - FISH. A remarkable handbook that tells everything about buying, preparing, cooking and serving fish of all kinds. More than 250 different recipes.

No. 10 - EGGS. A grand collection of 300 new and unusual egg dishes, as well as all the time-honored favorites.
No. 11 - FRESH VEGETABLES. 250 recipes, with plenty of practical information about selections and preparing.

No. 12 - DESSERTS. This book is irresistible; it is packed with 250 wonderful surprises that make it the most delightful dessert help ever written.

No. 13 - POTATOES. A remarkable book that lifts potatoes from the commonplace. 250 different recipes.

No. 14. SANDWICHES. An endless variety of all kinds of sandwiches for all occasions. 500 ideas are included.

No. 15 - CANDY. A book that is reviving the art and fund of home candy-making. 250 recipes--easy and inexpensive.

No. 16 - REFRIGERATOR DESSERTS. A fascinating, exciting book of 250 luscious new treats that will start you on a spree of wonderful, home-style chilled desserts.

No. 17 - The COOKIE BOOK. 250 tasty tidbits that will make your cookie jar the most popular in the neighborhood.

No. 18 - DAIRY DISHES. Packed with 300 new menu-ideas to bring extra nourishment to every meal.

No. 19 - BREADS, BISCUITS, AND ROLLS. Home baking is fund, especially with these 250 recipes to show you how.

No. 20 - SAUCES, GRAVIES, AND DRESSINGS. 250 interesting dressings and sauces to enliven your meals.

No. 21 - MEALS FOR TWO. For young marrieds and small families. Shows how to cook without waste.

No. 22 - DISHES FOR CHILDREN. Approximately 200 recipes and menus that give a wide selection of the healthful, nourishing foods that are important in a child's diet.

No. 23 - FACTS ABOUT FOOD. A complete handbook of 2,000 culinary facts that belongs in every kitchen.

No. 24 - MENUS. Contains twelve monthly sections, with day-by-day menus that plan meals ever day in the year.

BINDER. Also available is a beautifully designed, loose leaf binder to hold the complete set of books.


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