January 07, 2006

Folgers and Sandra Lee

There's an offer for a free Sandra Lee recipe booklet on my can of Folgers Classic Roast Holiday Edition coffee.

You can visit the Folgers website and order the booklet using the code from the inner seal. Or, you can mail a 3x5 card with your name, address and phone number along with your code to P.O. Box 92138, Elk Grove Village, IL 60009-2138. This offer expires April 30, 2006, with a limit of one offer per household. The Folgers Sandra Lee Winter Recipe Collection is a paper copy that comes by mail.

Who is Sandra Lee? She's the Lifestylist that you see on Food TV and QVC and the author of the Semi-Homemade cookbook series. The Semi-Homemade cooking concept is based on Sandra’s 70/30 philosophy (70% store-bought/ready-made products accompanied by 30% fresh and creative touches) for dishes that look, feel and taste homemade. Semi-Homemade Cooking 2 is her newest cookbook which was released in September of 2005.

Now a word about the so-called "can". Although I'm not exactly a dinosaur, the word "can" implies, to me at least, that it's metal packaging. Procter & Gamble switched over to plastic containers in 2003. I'm not fond of the plastic canisters because I can't pour my hot leftover cooking oil into them without worrying about melting the plastic. It's those little things in life that bug me.


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