January 11, 2006

A Party - 1950s Style

I absolutely love the illustration on the front cover of How to Plan and Give Parties with Personality (1953, 48 pages). The softcover booklet was published by The Thos. D. Richardson Co. (makers of Richardson Candies) to promote their U-All-No Mints.

The illustration is similar to what I conjure up in my imagination when I think about what a 1950's dinner party or cocktail party for adults might have looked like.

The women are standing around the room with their carefully coiffed hair, flattering form-fitting dresses, and all wearing the expected jewelry of that era. If we could see their feet, you know they'd be wearing pointy-toed spike-heeled shoes that perfectly matched their outfits.

The men are wearing two-piece suits with narrow ties and the predictable white starched shirts.

They're happily mingling and one lady is even holding a cigarette, which doesn't seem to be bothering anyone else.

Which of the suggested parties in the booklet might this be?

We can easily rule out For Men Only, Ladies Invited, Carnival Masquerade, Ride 'Em Cowboy, Graduation Class Dance and Kiddie Party. The gathering is obviously indoors, so that rules out the Cook-Out. They don't appear to be on a Treasure Hunt and the table is set too nicely for Pot Luck. There are no 4th of July decorations, so a Party for Patriots is out too.

Perhaps it's Bridge or Sunday Brunch or Just a Gathering of the Clan.


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