June 15, 2006

1950s Parties for All Occasions

Although Foodarama sounds like the name of a supermarket (and indeed there is a company by that name who operates a chain of New Jersey grocery stores), it was also the name of a side-by-side refrigerator-freezer made by Kelvinator that was introduced in 1955.

The Foodarama was a combination 6 cubic foot, upright home freezer and 12 cubic foot, self-defrosting refrigerator that were both contained in the same cabinet.

The Foodarama Party Book (1959, 128 pp) was published to help promote the idea that entertaining was a breeze if you had the help of this magnificent Kelvinator refrigerator/freezer.

"Foodarama families do more entertaining because it is so much easier. Everything is prepared in advance so you have more time to spend with your guests. There's plenty of space to store teen-age treats and Dad's favorite beverages. With Foodarama in the kitchen, Mother has more time for joining in the family fun."

The cookbook contains a lot more than just recipes. It tells you how to plan your party and includes many different ideas for themes, making guests lists, ideas for menus, table settings, decorations, party games and other entertainment ideas.

Numerous different themes and types of parties are addressed: Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Tea Parties, Ladies Bridge, Baby Showers, Easter, Wedding Anniversaries, Buffets, 4th of July, Barbecues, Picnics, Children's Parties, Teenager Parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Poker, Christmas, New Year's and Cocktail Parties.

This is a nice hardcover book with plenty of color food illustrations. Lots of great ideas if you want to throw an authentic 1950s party.


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