June 19, 2006

Cookbooks with Old Cookbook Recipes

I like collecting original recipe pamphlets and vintage advertising cookbooks. I also like reading about those types of cookbooks.

And, judging from the emails I receive, I'm not the only one who actually uses some of the old recipes in the kitchen.

I came across two cookbooks by Bunny Crumpacker that were written based upon her own collection of vintage food company cookbooks.

The Old-Time Brand-Name Cookbook: Recipes, Illustrations, and Advice from the Early Kitchens of America's Most Trusted Food Makers (2001, 125 pages)

Recipes, anecdotes, advice and illustrations from booklets published between 1875 and 1945. Some of the booklets featured are Adventures in Cornmeal Cookery (Quaker Corn Meal), Cake Secrets (Swans Down Cake Flour), The Heinz Book of Meat Cookery (H. J. Heinz), Kate Smith's Favorite Recipes (Calumet Baking Powder) and the Royal Cook Book (Standard Brands, Inc.).

Old-Time Brand Name Desserts: Recipes, Illustrations and Advice from the Recipe Pamphlets of America's Most Trusted Food Makers (2001, 96 pages)

Dessert recipes, stories about the brand name foods, excerpts and illustrations from the old booklets which date back to 1875. Some of the recipes found are Busy Mother's Cake, Apple Custard, Upside Down Banana Cake, Chocolate Bavarian Cream and Lunch Box Cookies.

Those concerned that these old recipes might not fit into their healthy lifestyles of today needn't worry. The author has updated and adapted the recipes to reflect today's health-conscious cooking when necessary.


At 7:34 AM CDT, Blogger RJ said...

I just bought this one at Barnes and Noble in their remainder bin. Love it!


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