June 28, 2006

Humorous Souvenir Cookbooks

Although books like Civil Wah Cookbook from Boogar Hollow (1972, 15th Printing, 32 pp.) isn't really an advertising cookbook, I like to keep them when I run across them anyway. I rationalize that they're advertising a place, so they count.

Some are a real hoot!

These types of cookbooks are regional in nature and are usually developed for the tourist trade. You'll find them in thousands of gift shops right alongside the small cedar boxes with "The Ozarks" or "Smokey Mountains" stamped on the lids.

This one features good ol' Southern cooking' recipes with names like Cousin Arlin's Sausage Balls, Miz Saunders Beer-Chez Spread, Johnny Reb Wine, Secession Apple Pie, Miss Jane's Hot Tater Salad and Aunt Lula's Bar-B-Qued Wieners.

The Boogar Hollow series includes another cookbook, Boilin' and Bakin' in Boogar Hollow, just in case you can't get enough. If cooking isn't your bag, or that of the lucky gift recipient, there are plenty of Boggar Hollow joke books to serve as alternatives.

Depending upon the region you're visiting, you'll find these softcover souvenir cookbooks that feature everthing from Hillbilly cookin' to Old Timey Cooking to Real Amish recipes. I imagine if you were in Alaska, you'd find one that played up Eskimos and igloos. On many of the booklets, the rear cover featured a place for a stamp and an address so you could mail them off to your friends and relatives.


At 10:31 PM CDT, Blogger RJ said...

one of my favorite cookbooks is one called "White Trash Cookbook". It is a hoot (as we say in Oklahoma) and has some real humdinger recipes!

At 6:56 AM CDT, Blogger Kathy said...

My favorite part of the "White Trash Cookbook" is the photography. The photos portray a very real picture of parts of the South.


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