June 17, 2006

Imperial Sugar Company History

Thanks to the kindness of a good friend (you know who you are), I temporarily have my hands on a copy of Sugar Land, Texas and The Imperial Sugar Company. It's fairly difficult to locate a copy, even when you're closely located to the subject matter.

I've written before about my fondness for the company's publication, My First Cookbook, because it actually was my first cookbook and sort of the beginning of my interest in advertising cookbooks.

With plans and discussions continuing about the redevelopment of the abandoned Imperial sugar refinery and property, I wanted to read more about the history of the company and the town of Sugar Land that grew around it.

The postman rang the doorbell yesterday with a package for me. What a surprise! Same wonderful person also sent me a 2000 fundraising calendar called Early Sugar Land. It's full of old photographs of the town and Imperial Sugar company buildings that are long gone.

Thanks friend!


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