December 23, 2006

Last Minute Gifts

It's getting down to the wire and time is running out. If you're in need of any last minute Christmas gifts and your holiday gift recipient is fond of cooking then I have two gift suggestions that you can get right now without even leaving leaving the chair you're sitting in this very minute.

These are great gifts for anyone--a spouse, son or daughter (young college students or newlyweds), aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters; a neighbor, or a friend or acquaintance whom you wish to remember. They make great stocking stuffers too! These gifts also ensure that your recipient will think of you several times during the upcoming year!

A subscription to Pillsbury Classic Cookbooks or the Betty Crocker Recipe Magazine is an inexpensive, useful gift and may just be something that your recipient wouldn't think of doing for themselves!

Pillsbury Classic Cookbooks have been published since the 1970s and have quite a faithful following judging by the amount of requests I get for both old and new out-of-print issues. They are handy, compact and will fit neatly into a space in the kitchen or a desk, making them an easy reference for recipes, recipe ideas and shopping lists.

The Betty Crocker Recipe Magazines have been around quite awhile too and are about the same compact size as the Pillsbury issues, illustrated with the same type of great color photographs of the completed dishes.

Both of these magazines use their respective brand name products in the recipes. Sometimes the issues will contain only recipes that focus on one particular product; at other times there are a mixture of recipes that revolve around a certain theme. Most are also filled with tips and suggestions to make cooking a meal or a snack even easier.

Yes, they're available at supermarket check-out stands, but many people won't indulge for themselves, or are erratic in their purchases, making it easy to miss an issue.

You can use your computer to print out a gift card showing the magazine subscription has been made in the recipients name and enclose it in a Christmas card or, if you want to have something to wrap up, you can easily find the latest issues of these publications at the supermarket, the drugstore or the Wal-Mart.

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