December 07, 2006

Minute Tapioca Cookbooks

Food company cookbooks sometimes provide more than just recipes. Often you can find out additional information about a food company and their cookbooks from information found inside the booklets themselves. Below is the Introduction to the Revised Edition found in the booklet From Soup to Dessert with Minute Tapioca (1928, 32 pp).

(This introduction is from the booklet shown below at the right. It's rather confusing as the revised edition that they're speaking of has a completely different title from the original edition.)


"The former edition of the famous Minute Tapioca Cook Book was compiled in order to give you a booklet of choice recipes that would further acquaint you with the uses of this versatile product.

This book has such revisions and additions as we feel sure will make the Minute Tapioca Cook Book more helpful to you than ever before. The 78 recipes in this book are the result of a world-wide contest. 121,619 housewives at home and abroad sent us their favorite recipes. From this vast number, the judges selected 78 recipes as the ones that would lend greater variety to your meals, make new economies possible, and help you in maintaining your reputation as a skilled cook.

The judges in this contest were the following ably-qualified women: Miss Mabel Jewett Crosby, Home Economics Editor of the Ladies' Home Journal; Miss Katherine A. Fisher, Director of Good Housekeeping Institute; and Mrs. Elizabeth A. MacDonald, Professor of Home Economics, Boston University, College of Practical Arts and Letters.

This new edition of the Minute Tapioca Cook Book has been retested and revised by the educational department of the Minute Tapioca Company. It contains recipes not only for an amazing variety of delicious and economical desserts, but also points out the importance of Minute Tapioca as a children's food and shows in a large variety of recipes how Minute Tapioca as a precision ingredient helps to insure more complte success in cookery.

You will, therefore, find this Minute Tapioca Cook Book divided into three sections: Minute Tapioca in a wide range of wonderful desserts; Minute Tapioca as a precision ingredient in a variety of soups, souffles, omelets, and entrees; and Minute Tapioca in the diets of children."


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