January 09, 2007

Del Monte Meat and Tomatoes

When Del Monte published Meat & Tomatoes Main Dish Recipes with Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes (1991, 34 pp) they offered a choice of six different stewed tomato varieties: Original, No-Salt Added, Italian, Mexican, Chunky Pasta Style and Cajun.

The booklet contains 78 recipes for the busy cook. The recipes are divided into the following categories: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Ham, Sausage, Lamb and Seafood.

"Most recipes contain fewer than eight ingredients and can be prepared in 30 to 40 minutes. The recipes range from popular international dishes to American regional favorites. Each recipe uses Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes to season ordinary meat, poultry and seafood to create a delicious main dish.

In addition, you'll find interesting recipes for leftover meats, tasty low-sodium, low-fat recipes, valuable money savings coupons, helpful hints for the kitchen, and guidelines for proper storage of meat."

Of course, the manufacturer coupons have long since expired (too bad, though often these recipe booklets contain coupons with no expiration date).

The recipes are presented in recipe card format with three recipes per page (i.e six recipes front and back). Cutting lines are shown so that you can cut them out and store them in your recipe box.

Each recipe shows a color photo of the finished dish, number of servings, preparation time and cook time.

Today, Del Monte offers only five styles of stewed tomatoes, having dropped the Chunky Pasta Style from the stewed line. You could probably substitute Chunky Diced Tomatoes - Pasta Style in the original recipes.

Get your own copy of Del Monte Meat & Tomatoes.

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