January 11, 2007

Free Recipes Magazine

If you're reading this blog I would assume that you're interested in brand name recipes and promotional recipe books.

One of the nicest sources of recipes that fit into this category is available FREE and it's delivered right to your mailbox.

I am referring to Kraft Food & Family Magazine. You can go online to subscribe. (Look for the link that says sign up.) It'll only take a minute and you'll be glad you did when you see how nice it is. Each issue has recipes with great directions and beautiful color photos. I think you'll find that it's as good as some of those $5 magazines on the newsstand.

If you speak Spanish there is also a Spanish language version, Comida y Familia. You'll find many of the same recipes but in addition, there are others more oriented to the Latino culture. If you're learning to speak Spanish it's a great tool. We actually subscribe to both and get a lot out of each of the issues. You can go to Comida Kraft to subscribe.

Go ahead, it's easy, it's FREE and I think you'll be glad you did.

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