August 03, 2007

Martini Anyone?

I went on my twice weekly trip to the liquor store today where I scored a couple of new recipe-related things.

A bit of background: Nobody imbibes in our household, so the only reason we go to the liquor store is to get ice. We need ice because we do drink a ton of iced tea. We need ice because we don't have an icemaker AND because I can't stand the ice trays that Wal-Mart and other places sell these days.

The ice trays I see available don't stack properly without having to alternate the ends. Plus and Minus. Failure to implement Plus and Minus correctly results in the trays just sinking down inside one another, displacing the water to places where you don't want it. A total pain--ice trays used to stack without anybody having to think about or pay attention to this Plus and Minus business. I am not programmed to think about it. So I was continually spashing water all over the freezer and having to clean it up then refill the trays AGAIN. It's just easier to go around the corner to Reba's.

More background: Our ancient GE Refrigerator runs like the Energizer Bunny (except for the icemaker). We haven't replaced it yet because I'm afraid to. I'm afraid to because the other, new, GE appliances have already broken--said appliances would include the gas range (a ruined Christmas), the Spacemaker Microwave (it does work as a nightlight) and the dishwasher (which leaks on the fairly-new floor). So until I can get these brand trust issues sorted out, we contend with the old Energizer Bunny, the ice situation and the other (evidently made-to-be-disposable) appliances.

Today: I went inside instead of driving through so that I could see if there were any new recipe pamphlets on the counter. Even though I never buy liquor, they don't seem to mind that I always take the recipes.
I got a cheerful, tropical-looking foldout, Malibu Rum Recipes (2006) with directions for Kamikazes, Margaritas and Martinis made with Mango (I'll pass), Passion Fruit (pass again), Coconut and Pineapple-flavored rums. The clerk rather quickly said "You want recipes?" and tried to hand me what looked like a small disc. I didn't want a disc because I want my recipes on paper, not plastic, but she persisted and so I brought it on home. The manager winked and said "don't look at the pictures."

The outside label looks rather plain, so I thought perhaps it was something they had put together themselves for their customers (and what kind of pictures? I wondered--is he talking about what I think he's talking about?).

Turns out it was a nice little 3-inch CD, Mix it Up! 8,406 Martini Recipes (Version 6) from Van Gogh Vodka. The CD contains a database with over 8,400 Martini recipes. You can run it directly from the CD or install the program on your hard drive. If you choose to install, you have the capability to save new recipes, compile selected recipes or print one or all of them out on paper. It has a nice bar type menu, tells you how to make a martini and gives Vodka Ratings.

Pretty nifty little deal, even if it isn't on paper. (I am fond of databases.)

Oh yeah....there weren't any pictures.

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