September 11, 2007

Baby Boomer Comfort Food

I really do use a lot of the recipes in the cookbooks that I write about here on this blog. Sometimes I cook from scratch. Sometimes I use convenience foods. And sometimes, like tonight, it's all boxes and cans.

Bumble Bee Salmon Croquettes
Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese
LeSuer Early Peas
Not shown: Premium Saltine Crackers

I asked the person I cook for: "This is your favorite meal isn't it?"



"It's ummmm... Comfort Food. Like Mom used to make."

(Well, almost. His mom didn't use a boxed Velveeta mac'n cheese mix and she probably had to pick those icky bones and eye sockets out of her canned salmon. And her peas were probably from a Mason jar. But it's almost the same. Kind of.)

Hey, if it works for him, it works for me. Preparation time: about 20 minutes. Cost: about $3.50 per serving. Cheaper and quicker than the cafeteria which is the only other likely place we'll find Salmon Croquettes.



At 8:01 AM CDT, Blogger T.W. Barritt said...

This is a lifetime favorite! I've usually added tuna, and it was probably the most affordable option for our family at the time. But with all the convenient salmon options now available, this would be worth revisiting.

At 7:33 PM CDT, Blogger Kathy said...

I never fixed these until they offered the canned salmon sans bones and eye sockets. I used leftover fresh salmon once and he said it didn't taste the same.


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