December 29, 2007

More Turkey, Anyone?

Thanksgiving and Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean we have to wait until next year to eat more turkey. There are lots of year-round options now besides that old frozen bird in the freezer case.

I looked through some of my pamphlets trying to find one with recipes for turkey leftovers. I was in a bit of a hurry this morning, so I'll show you the first turkey related item I came across.

Turkey Store Recipes (1983, 7 pages) is a little fold-out brochure which I assume was given away at the grocery stores. (The bold words "Take One Free!" on the front of the brochure provides this clue.)

The brochure was published by Jerome Foods. According to Wikipedia, Jerome Foods was started by Wallace Jerome, who began his company in 1922 with fourteen turkey eggs and two brooder hens in Barron, Wisconsin. Jerome Foods eventually became The Turkey Store and The Turkey Store also became the brand.

The recipe folder has five turkey recipes using parts of the turkey rather than the entire bird. Fresh Turkey Roast, Fresh Turkey Breast Slices, Fresh Ground Turkey, Fresh Turkey Drumstick Steaks and Fresh Turkey Breast Tenderloins are the turkey parts used in the recipes. There's a color photo of the finished dishes on the opposite side of each recipe page.

The brochure also shows a mail-in offer for a Turkey Store Cookbook (an 80 page booklet with over 100 recipes). The booklet was available through the mail for $1.95.

In 2001 Hormel acquired The Turkey Store and merged it with their turkey processing subsidiary Jennie-O. Now the brand is called--guess what? Jennie-O Turkey Store.

Here's one of the recipes found inside. Maybe you can use some of that leftover turkey in here.


3 tablespoons Soy Sauce
1/4 teaspoon Garlic Salt
Dash of Cayenne Pepper
1 pkg. (about 1-1/4 pounds) Fresh Turkey Breast Tenderloins, cut into 1-inch pieces
2 tablespoons Cooking Oil
1 medium Green Pepper, cut into 1/4 x 2-inch strips
4 ounces Mushrooms, sliced
4 Green Onions, cut into 1-inch pieces
1 tablespoon Cornstarch
1/2 cup Chicken Broth
10 Cherry Tomatoes, halved

Marinate turkey in first 3 ingredients 5 minutes. Heat oil in wok or skillet over medium high heat; stir-fry turkey 3 minutes; until no longer pink. Add green pepper; stir-fry 1 minute. Add mushrooms and green onion; stir-fry 1 minute longer. Combine cornstarch and broth. Stir into wok, bring to boil. Boil 1 minute. Add tomato and heat. Salt and pepper to taste. 4 to 5 servings.

4 to 5 servings

No turkey around here today, leftover or otherwise. As a matter of fact, if the line at the store's sushi bar this afternoon was any indication, it looked as if everyone was pretty much turkeyed out. In any case, two of us managed to polish off a party tray meant for four.


At 6:29 AM CST, Blogger T.W. Barritt said...

He started the company with just 14 turkey eggs? Amazing!


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