June 07, 2008

Wesson Oil Cakes

I've got another vintage foodservice cookbook going out the door today. Chiffon Cakes - Including Lovelight Cakes and Icings (undated, 32 pages) was published by the Hunt Wesson Sales Company in Fullerton, California.

These recipes are all for Chiffon cakes and Lovelight cakes and they use Wesson Oil in the cake batter rather than melted butter or shortening. The recipe yields are meant for bakeries and institutional facilities. It is suggested that the baker who sells these special Chiffon cakes will most certainly see increased profits.

I've noticed that the foodservice booklets all mention how profits will increase with the use of whichever brand name product they're promoting.

A few of the recipes included in this booklet are: Banana Chiffon Cake, Cherry Cordial Chiffon Cake, Fruit Bouquet Chiffon Cake, Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake, Mint Jelly Chiffon Cake, Praline Chiffon Cake and a Strawberry Chiffon Cake.

Some of the icings are: Banana Icing, New Orleans Mocha Icing, Orange Chiffon Icing, Strawberry Fluff and the Deluxe Butter Cream Icing (with variations). All of the icings use Quik-Blend Shortening, another product in the Hunt-Wesson family.

Under "Feature Items" are: Lovelight Chiffon Cake, Lovelight Devil's Food Chiffon Cake and a Chiffon Cheese Cake.

Someone is going to have to clue me in as to what exactly a "Lovelight" cake is, because I don't know.

These make lots of cake batter. You can see from the sample page below that the Praline Chiffon Cake makes 19 pounds of batter. Information in the front of the booklet tells you how much batter will fit into the different size pans. I noticed that this particular recipe has Mapleine Flavoring in it. It seems I remember people having a hard time finding this at one time, but I believe I saw some on the shelf at the Super Wal-Mart just the other day. I think you can now also order it from McCormick.

The back of the booklet tells about some other Hunt-Wesson Shortenings and Oils that were available at that time.

MFB - For frying, pie doughs, rolls, and biscuits. An all-purpose shortening, all hydrogenated, with high smoke point to resist breakdown under heaviest continuous frying. Won't gum up fryer. Heavy-Duty MFB is bland, has wide plastic range.

Quik-Blend - For cakes, icings, and sweet doughs. This high emulsifying shortening is ideal for bakers and eating places that bake on the premises. Creams to perfection...absorbs air quickly...has high moisture-holding capacity. With Quik-Blend, icings spread further, cakes are lighter, sweet doughs are wonderfully tender.

Keap - The frying shortening. For buyers who need a specialty shortening for frying only. Keap has high stability...methyl silicones added for longer frying life...for quantity frying at high temperatures...resists breakdown...fully hydrogenated and bland to the taste for best possible frying results.

Kneedit Margarine - For cooking and baking this fine margarine carries a guarantee that it will surpass in flavor any commerical (or consumer) margarine. It's the margarine with the butter-like flavor.

Wesson - America's largest selling pure vegetable oil...excellent for salad dressings. Delicate Wesson is so highly refined it stands up under heaviest frying..."babies" the flavor of fried foods. For baking, Wesson is easy to measure, easy to blend.


At 9:14 PM CDT, Blogger T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

Interesting "behind the scenes" information. You don't often think about the volume of ingredients a bakery must need to produce a Chiffon Cake. That Maple Peacan Chiffon Cake sounds wonderful, but it's hard to imagine that it was "light."

At 10:42 AM CDT, Blogger Kathy said...

T.W. - Another interesting piece of "behind the scenes" information that I recently learned was that at most of the chain grocery stores and the W-M (at least around here) many of the baked goods all arrive at the store pre-baked and frozen. They are put out on the shelves while we are asleep and thawed by the time most people arrive at the store.


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