July 04, 2008

Early Armour Products

I'm always curious about food products from the past and my collection of advertising cookbooks provides me with a great deal of information on the subject. Had I the resources and the space, I would probably be collecting vintage product packaging along with the cookbooks.

Sometimes the illustrations in these old cookbooks and recipe booklets provide me with a glimpse of the actual products and their packaging that I wouldn't be able to find elsewhere.

Armour and Company published a booklet, The Business of Being a Housewife - A Manual to Promote Household Efficiency and Economy (1917, 60 pages) that contains several nice illustrations of their ham and bacon products and some of the products from their Veribest line of foods.

Armour's Veribest Sliced Bacon

Armour's Star Ham and Bacon

Armour's Veribest Canned Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Evaportated Milk, Ketchup, and Peanut Butter

Armour's Veribest "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard

Armour's Silverchurn Oleomargarine

Armour's Bouillon Cubes

Armour's Extract of Beef

Armour's Veribest Eggs and Cloverbloom Butter

Armour's Grape Juice

Armour's Canned Florida Yellow Cling Peaches

Armour's Devonshire Farm Style Sausage and Sausage Meat


At 8:22 AM CDT, Blogger ~~Louise~~ said...

Wow! Kathy you have quite a booklet there.

I've never seen it before. The illustrations are quite the added bonus. So colorful too. They really do give a glimpse of product history. (without the added packaging:)


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