March 27, 2009

Sunbeam Appliance Accessories

Well, let's see if I remember how to post as it's been awhile. I've been on some new medication that's just about done me in. So much for me being the only one I know who's not taking some kind of pill for something. And if this is my new normal, then I'm in trouble! My apologies to those who've commented and I've not responded like I normally would.

Today's item of interest is a small catalog which I found laid in the pages of a Sunbeam Mixmaster Instruction and Recipe book. I'd guess it's from the early 80s as the order form specifies that the offers inside expired on September 1, 1982.

On the front are some wonderful vinyl quilted appliance covers that you could order. They had a white background with colorful yellow, red and orange fruit and vegetable designs. If you ordered three or more appliance covers then you would also receive a set of five matching bowl covers.

The prices seem pretty reasonable (by today's standards, anyway): The bowl cover set (if ordered) cost $1.95. The covers for the 2- and 4-slice toaster, the can opener, the blender, the coffeemaker and the cooker-fryer with the crocker insert were all only $1.95 each. The Mixmaster mixer or food processor covers were $2.00, the Power Plus Mixer cover was $2.25. You could also get a Deluxe padded food processor cover for $12.95. And get this: Postage and Handling was only $1.00.

One can still find these types of appliance covers today, though most are made from cotton and not vinyl. I did, however, find a set of what appears to be the originals shown in the catalog here. And if you search for "appliance covers" on Etsy, you'll find some really cute handmade ones.

There were several accessories that could be ordered for the Sunbeam Deluxe Mixmaster (for models 10, 11, 12, MM, 1-71, 1-72, 1-73, 1-76, 1-80, 601 and 701 series). A Disco-Chef food slicer/shredder, a food grinder attachment with required power unit and a juicer attachment were available. You could also order a set of stainless steel bowls (4 qt. and 1-1/2 qt. with covers), a set of dough hooks (for the 225 watt mixers) or a set of regular beaters.

The food grinder, slicer/shredder and juicer for the Power Plus mixer were slightly less expensive than those of the Deluxe Mixmaster.

Accessories for the Food Processor included a french fry cutter ($15.95), a blade holder (10.95), additional drop-in blades ($17.95 for a set of three), a funnel and pusher ($12.95), an additional container ($17.95) and the Tool Caddy/Recipe Book holder ($13.95).

There was a hardcover Food Processor Cookbook with 250 recipes available for $4.95. It would fit into a special pocket of the deluxe cover.

I think my favorite items are those for the Sunbeam Large Frypan. You could get a ceramic crocker vessel that fit inside the pan to use as a casserole, a broiler cover (not recommended for the teflon pans), a glass cover or a steaming tray that fit inside the frypan that was useful for steaming eggs, vegetables or seafood.

There were also accessories for the Sunbeam Beverage Maker and the Sunbeam Coffeemaker. Interesting to see that a box of 300 coffeemaker filters cost $3.00 back then. I believe the same quantity goes for about 99 cents these days. Of course, they're probably made in China now.

There's a list of Sunbeam Appliance Service centers as well, showing locations in 45 states. I recognize the location in Houston, on Richmond Avenue, as I went there once many years ago to purchase a new glass lid for my slow cooker. As I recall, the replacement lid cost almost as much as the slow cooker itself. I've still got the lid and the slow cooker, and sure hope that I don't break it. The plastic lids on the newer slow cookers are very unappealing to me. I wonder if that place is still there. Somehow I doubt it. Now we're just supposed to throw the broken appliance away and replace it with a totally new one. Got to keep that economy moving!


At 9:58 PM CDT, Blogger T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

I have to dig out the booklet for my Sunbeam Frying pan - I remember recipes for crumb cakes made in the frying pan. I never tried it, but you've peaked my curiousity again. Hope you're doing OK.

At 7:25 AM CDT, Blogger Kathy said...

T.W. - I never tried the cakes either, but thought it might be interesting. Let me know if you can't find your recipe booklet. Thanks for the good thoughts.

At 12:01 PM CDT, Blogger P-Dot said...

I would love to have those appliance covers. I am going to try to make some. My food processor came with one (tells you how old it is) and I love the fact it's covered up. Small quarters means more is on the counters than I would like.

At 6:35 PM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am looking for the recipe for Southwestern Chicken found in the small paperback recipe book that accompanied the Sunbeam frying pan with the ceramic crocker insert.

At 1:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Alexandra said...

hi, my 2 yo son JUST broke my "sunbeam Crocker frypan" ceramic insert so it is a crockpot. it shattered and I had to throw it away :( I am so sad. I just got it from an older church member. I am trying to find out where I can get a replacement insert or if I even can. I have the instructions/recipes for the crocker frypan and the electric skillet part. the skillet is beyond awesome. oh! it says "sunbeam corportaion 1974 in the books. so it is older than my mom (not that she is old lol) n I am and I have NO idea where to even start. if there is anyone that might have an idea I would really appreciate it :)

Alexandra and baby destroyer logan lol


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