December 19, 2010

Cheese in Your Mailbox

I've written about this Swiss Colony - Fortieth Anniversary catalog (Swiss Colony, 1965, 40 pp.) before in reference to some Culinary Art Institute Cookbooks that could be ordered as part of one of the gifts found inside.

The catalog caught my eye on the shelves again this year and I found myself flipping through and studying its contents much as I did many years ago.

I thought someone else might also be interested in the items that were found in this catalog so I'll share some of them with you here.

For non-bakers, ordering the Fruit Cake or Stollen shown below was an option. These items are still offered in their current catalog (and on their website) but the prices have more than quadrupled. In Texas, it's tradional to order fruitcake from the Collin Street Bakery. Those Pecan Almond Nouggats still look pretty yummy.

These assortments of cheeses look so neat and tidy in their festive packaging. Warning: packages are smaller than they appear. Why does the mind make them seem larger than they are in real life? Love that striped box with the Santa adornment. I have a small collection of those vintage paper package decorations.

Get a modern new corn popper or coffee pot with these Cheese 'n Pastries sets:

Fondue was really popular in the 60s -- two different fondue pots here with some tiny cheese.

I've never eaten any of these Swiss Colony sweets, but they always looked so good in the catalog. I'm sure these, too, were smaller than these lifelike illustrations. Swiss Colony still carries these Dobash Tortes, but they now cost in the neighborhood of $17-$40.

For whatever reason, I was always fascinated by the North Woods Breakfast. I like the touch of the Teflon griddle showing the bacon and pancakes. I did evenutally purchase the Hickory Farms Cheese Logs that were in their stores in the shopping malls.

The catalog still has the order form that folds into the postage-paid envelope. I would sometimes fill out the form but I never mailed it off.

Hope you had fun looking at some of the many items found inside this old catalog!


At 9:30 PM CST, Blogger T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

I had a friend who would always send me Swiss Colony treats at the holiday. I used to love the Petit Fours. Hope you're enjoying the holiday countdown, Kathy.

At 10:20 PM CST, Blogger Kathy said...

T.W. - Those Petit Fours always did look tasty. Maybe one day I'll break down and order some.


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