December 29, 2010

One More Holiday Booklet

This is the last Christmas cookbook for 2010. I promise!

As you know, I occasionally get calls from people who run across my websites and are looking for old recipes or have questions about a particular product.

A couple of days before Christmas, my phone rang in the morning and the caller ID showed an unfamiliar-to-me phone number. I had just turned off my computer and was getting ready to shower and then leave the house for a few hours. I answered the call impulsively, even though I knew it would put me behind.

The caller turned out to be a nice lady named Veronica who was searching for a recipe that was on a missing page from her Holiday Classics IV cookbook (Pillsbury, 1985, 94 pp.). Since she knew exactly what she was looking for, it seemed fairly quick and easy to try and help her. I rebooted my computer and checked my database to see if I had that booklet cataloged. Of course, I did not. I did promise to check to see if I could find the book when I got home that afternoon.

As it happened, I didn't make it back home until 9:30 that evening. Then I remembered that I had not gotten back to her. It being Christmas and all, I felt kind of bad, since I assumed she wanted to prepare the recipe for a holiday gathering. I didn't want her to think that I didn't even try or had forgotten her.

The next morning, Christmas Eve, I was able to easily (amazingly) locate the book she was looking for amongst all my stacks and piles of cookbooks. (Many times it's an impossible task to even try and locate a single title in all of those booklets that have not yet been cataloged.)

Even though it was quite early, I gave her a call. I emailed the recipe to her and hoped she still had time to prepare it.

Here's the recipe below. It's for Frosted Liver Pate. (You can click on the photo to enlarge it enough to see the ingredients and instructions.)

This might make a nice festive appetizer for a New Year's gathering.

At least we know that somewhere out there, a real person used the recipe and likes it well enough to hunt it down when it was lost. That's a pretty good recommendation.


At 7:34 PM CST, Blogger T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

Something about the frosted look of this really appeals to me. Although, I've never heard of the main ingredient. Is it liverwurst? Happy New Year!

At 8:45 AM CST, Blogger Kathy said...

I like the look of it too. The photo has caught my eye in the past, although I have never tried the recipe. Braunschweiger is pork liver that has been smoked, I believe.

At 12:59 AM CST, Anonymous Kelly - Dinnerware said...

Great info. Happy new year to you and your readers! Fingers crossed for a prosperous 2011!


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