June 17, 2011

Crisco for Your Salads

Here's one more small piece of paper that takes up a bit of space in my house. Multiply this leaflet by hundreds (seems like thousands) and it's no wonder I'm running out of room.

This little tri-fold recipe leaflet, Discover New Crisco Oil (not dated) was published by Procter & Gamble sometime in the early 1960s. (I actually think it's around 1962 since there's the small numbers 8-62S in tiny print along the rear edge.) It originally contained a coupon for Crisco Oil, along with some recipes for salad dressings and some suggestions for other ways to use the oil.

This product was introduced in 1960. Do you remember the lovely brown glass bottles? I do. Sure miss those!

This looks like the lady is tasting her glass of wine. Look--Sniff---Taste. Is that the image they meant to portray?

I'm not sure I'd want to add vegetable oil to my meatloaf--there's enough fat to drain off already. Perhaps ground beef wasn't so fatty back then. But the salad dressing recipes sound pretty good.


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