September 07, 2011

Bye-Bye Magazines

The decluttering of the library (my whole house is a library) continues.

I used to buy a ton of magazines every month. Then I subscribed to them because it was less expensive. Then the sheer number of pharmaceudical advertisements in each issue became too annoying, so, one by one, I let my subscriptions expire without renewing.

I've never been one to simply purchase a magazine, read it, and then dispose of it immediately after I've finished. I know there are people like this because I've taken their discards from the free magazine box at the library. When there's a current issue in that box, I know that it was donated by some person whose home is nice and neat and not a candidate for a future episode of Hoarders.

I used to be a clipper. I would cut out recipes and rip out pages with home decor ideas or seasonal entertaining spreads. Sometimes I would organize them. Sometimes not. I can remember one year going to Vermont for Christmas. As my sister-in-law was showing me the closet where we were to put our clothes, she sheepishly pushed aside several brown grocery bags full of Southern Living magazines; magazines she was in the process of clipping herself. Kindred spirits.

Up next for the FOL donation pile is a stack of several years worth of Taste of Home magazines. I've held on to them because they were a gift subscription and I felt guilty about giving them away.

I've never used them and barely even skim through the pages anymore when they arrive in the mailbox.

I think I'll keep Everyday Food, however. Besides being smaller in size, I like the format and recipes better. They won't take up much space.

Martha Stewart Living was hard--I had a lot of the older issues. A couple of months ago I lugged them out to the car during a moment of resolve, before I could weaken. I haven't missed them yet.

Now I'm awaiting another moment like that for all the back issues of Country Home. I'm trying to keep away from the scissors too.


At 2:50 PM CDT, Blogger Lynn said...

I admire your discipline as you're purging your magazines. I am a fellow "clipper" who finally had to stop subscribing (well, to most magazines, anyway ;). I have folders and folders full of recipes to try. Sigh. Good job on the decluttering. Keep up the good work.

At 8:01 PM CDT, Blogger Rochelle R. said...

I used to be a heavy magazine collector too. I clipped some, and still have all those clipping files. I got rid of the whole ones and do not buy new ones anymore. My local thrift store sells used ones so I sometimes buy them, look at them and redonate them. So no more stacks of magazines. Now if I could just part with some of my supermarket checkout booklets.

At 8:35 AM CDT, Blogger Kathy said...

LOL on the booklets, Rochelle. I feel like they are taking over.

Thanks Lynn, we'll see how far I get.

At 7:25 AM CDT, Blogger ~~louise~~ said...

From the looks of it, Kathy. We're all in the same boat at one time or other. I too commend you on your discipline.

I've narrowed down my library to 3 rooms in the house, no matter what!!! (I've only done that since permanently moving to PA. We'll see how long it lasts:)

At 8:55 PM CDT, Blogger T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

Ha! I can't get rid of my Martha Stewart magazines. I've got about 20 years worth! Ditto on Everyday Food, although I've now switched to getting that on the Ipad, and it takes of far less space!

At 9:09 PM CDT, Anonymous Liz said...

The first paragraphs of your post had me chuckling out loud. I'm a magazine collector and I've been a clipper (and sometimes filer) for years. I have boxes and boxes of clippings to be filed. My weakness is decorating magazines - though I've been almost weaned since so many of my favorites ceased publishing.

My house too looks like a library but it's on the edge. I watch episodes of Hoarders, Hoarding and Clean House to try to keep myself in line. I rationalize it all as "there are worse compulsions to have."

At 12:10 AM CDT, Blogger Pastamama said...

Just signed on to your blog and what a great moment that was to find someone who understands my plight. Nothing like loving to cook and all that comes with it the recipes, books, ideas, TV shows and actually going into the kitchen and making something. Have you noticed how you reach for that first cookbook stained with ingredients on the cover such as the 1959 Better Homes and Gardens in dull red and white now. The pages are wrinkled and punch holes torn but still works for me. My shelves are full from over 5 decades of cooking and I treasure every one. The old wire bound church cookbooks and junior league I didn't belong to but loved their recipes. Enough said or you will think I'm taking over your blog..just wanted to express my joy in finding you tonight and how much I feel for anyone with the love for cooking and collecting. Can't wait to read more of your posts.

At 3:14 PM CST, Blogger ~~louise~~ said...

Hi Kathy! Just popped in to wish you and yours a Very Merry and Safe Christmas! My eye is still on the mend (don't ask:) but hopefully I should be back to blogging in early January. "See" ya then...

At 8:28 PM CST, Blogger ~~louise~~ said...

Happy New Year, Kathy!!!


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