February 04, 2009

Someone's Favorite Apple Pie

If I've seemed unresponsive to your comments and you've noticed there's not many posts lately, it's because I'm still under the weather a bit. It is so unusual for me not to be at my computer all the time. I have read and enjoyed your comments, though I'm still way behind in everything computer-wise.

The other day I was wondering what to do with all those sets of recipe cards I have sitting around that don't really serve any purpose other than taking up valuable real estate.

I was happy, then, to receive a phone call from someone who was looking for her family's favorite Dutch Apple Pie recipe from one of the McCall's recipe card sets. She said that even though she had been making the recipe for years, she still didn't know it by heart.

I can understand that. After all, I'm the one who still double checks the two- ingredient dumpling recipe on the side of the Bisquick box every time I make Chicken and Dumplings. Just in case I forget something.

(I know you people who don't rely too much on recipes won't understand this.)

I was quite happy to locate and send her the recipe.

All I really needed was a tiny bit of justification for leaving those recipe cards right where they are.